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    Canadian Chamber: 5 Minutes for Business


    5 Minutes for Business: New Industry, New Taxes, New Fees: Undermining the Fight against the Illegal Cannabis Market (September 2018)

    In this edition, the Canadian Chamber looks at some of the factors that will influence how effective Canada’s legal cannabis market is at reducing illegal sales once marijuana becomes legal on October 17.



  • Montreal Economic Institute:  Air Transport – High Taxes and Fees Penalize Travellers (June 2018)

    This MEI economic details the many taxes and fees that weigh on the Canadian air transport sector and how reducing the burden would promote its growth

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    Atlantic Provinces Economic Council: Moving Forward – The Need for an Atlantic Regulatory and Cooperation Agreement (June 2018)

    This APEC report provides a practical and detailed proposal to advance regional regulatory alignment and government cooperation among the four Atlantic provinces.

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    Canadian and Atlantic Chambers: 10 Ways to Build a Canada that Wins (February 2018)

    A strong and prosperous Canada depends on business growth, but businesses are grappling with daunting challenges at home and abroad. To help them compete and grow, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (ACC) released 10 Ways to Build a Canada that Wins.


    Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Report: The Economies of the Atlantic Provinces (May 2017)

    The Economies of the Atlantic Provinces is a resource for understanding economic developments in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland
    and Labrador. This report highlights changes over the recent years and provides insights as to where the economies of each may be headed. The report's charts reflect data sets from 2000 to 2016 (or latest year available) and are gathered from a variety of sources.


    Energy East Pipeline: Newsletter (2017)

    Read the English version online at: www.energyeastpipeline.com


    Atlantic Chamber of Commerce: Opportunities for Atlantic Canada SMEs in the EU Government Procurement Market (January 2017)

    ACC's report Opportunities for Atlantic Canada SMEs in the EU Government Procurement Market provides detailed information about the nature of new regulations that will come into force under CETA, strategies for entering European public markets, and information on government procurement (past and future) that local businesses can use to assess new opportunities to expand trade. Research for the report was provided by EY Canada with financial support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.


    Atlantic Provinces Economic Council: The need for a regional ICT strategy (December 2016)

    Gerry Pond, Chairman and Co-Founder, Mariner Partners

    In this timely commentary, Gerry Pond discusses the importance of a regional ICT strategy for Atlantic Canada.