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  • November 2018  


    New Brunswick residents are accustomed to paying a little more for goods and services each year; it’s called inflation and it’s a natural by-product of our economy.

    But how would you feel if the cost of a service you were obliged to pay nearly tripled within three years? How would you react if the cost of your car insurance tripled over three years? What hard choices would you have to make if the cost of electricity tripled?


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    August 2018  

    Letters to NB Provincial Election Candidates from We Choose Growth

    On August 20, 2018, the We Choose Growth group delivered letters to each of the NB Provincial election candidates outlining its recommendations for optimizing the five growth principles announced in March 2018.

    Premier Gallant     Blaine Higgs      Jennifer McKenzie     David Coon     Kris Austin     Gerald Bourque


    August 2018  

    Chambers Rally Business Community with Coalition to Keep Trade Free

    Now, more than ever before, we need a consistent, strong voice making the case for freer trade. The Canadian and Atlantic Chambers of Commerce are stepping up to rally the business community through the Coalition to Keep Trade Free, and we are inviting you to participate.



    July 2018     

    Letters to Provincial Premiers Outlining ACC’s Four Policy Pillars for Prosperity

    On July 13, 2018, the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce submitted letters to each of the Atlantic Province’s Premiers and key Ministers advising them of our intention as regional organization to promote the principles of our policy “Four Pillars for Prosperity” to governments, members, and the public.

    NB Letter       NL Letter       NS Letter       PE Letter


    June 2018    

    Provincial, Regional and Territorial Chambers Unite to Support the Government’s Actions on Tariffs and Trade

    In a letter sent to the Prime Minister, chamber of commerce representatives from across the country have stated that they stand with the Canadian government in its efforts to achieve a new North American Free Trade Agreement as well as to dismantle any trade barriers, despite the context of uncertainty created by the U.S. government’s actions.

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    March 2018     

    ACC Request for Equitable Competitive Environment for All Nova Scotia Businesses

    The Nova Scotia members of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce sent the Premier and Minister of Municipal Affairs a letter which expressed the chambers’  objection to the piecemeal and negative approach proposed by the provincial government in granting economic development powers to a single municipal entity.

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    March 2018    

    Comprehensive Tax Review      

    The Canadian and Provincial Chambers delivered this letter to the Minister of Finance and Prime Minister today following the budget seeking a comprehensive tax review.

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    February 2018 

    ACC Federal Budget Insights               

    The following information is to provide insight into the 2018 federal budget helping to increase awareness for future discussions with members and government officials.

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    February 2018

    ACC Budget Letter to PE Minister of Finance     

    The Atlantic Chamber sent a letter to Minister MacDonald offering recommendations on several aspects of the province’s fiscal plan aconsultations concludes on the 2018-19 provincial budget. 

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    January 2018

    ACC Policy Position: Minimum Wage Legislation    

    ACC policy position and a letter were sent to the Atlantic Premiers and Ministers (Labour) expressing the Atlantic Chambers concerns regarding the increase to minimum wage.

    Minimum Wage Policy Position


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