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  • The Voice of Business in Atlantic Canada - Strong, Credible, Unified.

    2016 Priority Action Items

    Goal: Enable business growth in Atlantic Canada through focused, insightful and effective policy and advocacy.  ACC will:

    • advance top priorities for business in the Atlantic region through the identification of issues, the development of policy positions, and advocacy;
    • advocate for business policies that create wealth and grow our economy through ongoing discussions and feedback received from members of the Board of Directors, Provincial Advisory Committees, local chambers and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce;
    • bring provincial issues to the forefront through effective and efficient provincial advisory committees in each Atlantic province;
    • build our research capacity to support policy development through investment in a longer term staffing plan and collaboration with other regional and provincial stakeholder groups and associations with similar interests and
    • foster and grow relationships with members, governments, the media and other key stakeholders to support advocacy.