Cybercriminals are using various versions of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce’s corporate name and logo, and sending fake phishing emails with documents about inheritance claims. They also may be using fake websites, SMS texts, or phone calls.

    The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce is NOT a LAW FIRMWe do not provide legal services of any kind.

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  • Third-Party Promotion & B2M Services

  • The Atlantic Chamber offers a unique Business-2-Member (B2M) services allowing external organizations several ways to promote or share information with our network, including:

    • Event Calendar listing 
    • The Market Place ads
    • ACCion News monthly ads
    • CEO Newsletter bi-monthly ads
    • Follow Our Leads monthly eBlasts
    • Social Network blasts on Facebook & Twitter
    • ACC Homepage box ads


    To learn more about these B2M services, review our Third-Party Promotional Policy & Rate Card for our terms of service and promotional pricing or contact Patti, ACC Communications Coordinator today.


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  • Step 2.  Select Your B2M Ad & Provide Content


    Ad #1          Ad #2          Ad #3          


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    The Market Place Ad Templates


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    Available B2M Channels:

    ACC Newsletters, Social Networks, ACC Homepage & Follow Our Leads eBlasts


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