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    Policy & Advocacy Priorities


    Results of ACC's 2022 Annual Policy Survey & Recommendations to Atlantic Canadian Governments


    Atlantic Chamber of Commerce’s (ACC) members, representing 90 chambers of commerce and boards of trade and more than 16,000 businesses, have identified four priority areas of focus for 2022 where business and government can work together to address the concerns created by the ongoing pandemic.


    Atlantic Canada continues to be impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the unique challenges ahead of businesses as the region begins to reopen, the Atlantic Chamber has produced the 2022 Policy Priorities for Rebuilding that will guide its advocacy direction and initiatives for the year.


    2022 Policy Priorities For Rebuilding

    Review ACC's policy pillars and annual survey results.


    2022 Public Policy Overview & Policy Priorities for Rebuilding

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  • 2022 Policy Priorities for Rebuilding Overview

    Priority 1: Pandemic Recovery

    Pandemic recovery is the key to economic success as Atlantic Canada continues to deal with the impacts of COVID-19. When public health restrictions are implemented that limit economic activity and impact businesses and their employees, it is incumbent on Government to provide relief and support.

    Governments must work to streamline services, provide targeted support, and create a positive environment for business to succeed as we begin to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


    Priority 2:  Qualified Workers Access

    Access to a qualified labour market is critical to ensuring economic growth within our region. Businesses must be given every opportunity to access the skills that they require to grow their business.

    Government must focus on programs to increase experiential learning, accelerate immigration, recognize foreign credentials, simplify seasonal worker programs, enhance settlement services, and improve retention strategies.


    Priority 3: SME Support

    Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. Government should begin the transition to providing support that fosters economic activity and removes barriers to doing business.

    Governments must focus on providing simple, efficient, and effective programs to support SMEs during the recovery stage of the pandemic.


    Priority 4: Tax Reform

    Taxation in Atlantic Canada has evolved to a point where compliance has become burdensome and represents a huge drain on the resources of individuals and businesses. The tax system in Canada has not been reviewed since the 1960’s which implies a significant opportunity to streamline the system, reduce complexity, and improve fairness.

    Governments must commit to a formal, review of all forms of taxation, to simplify compliance, promote equity, and set globally competitive tax rates.


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