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  • 2023 Policy Priorities for Growth & Stability 

    The members of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (ACC) – representing more than 16,000 businesses through a network of 90 Chambers of Commerce – have identified three priority areas of focus for 2023 where business and government can work together to support business:

    Priority 1: Support for SMEs

    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are at the core of the Atlantic Canadian economy. SMEs have identified that they need support from various levels of government as the private sector aims to rebuild our economy and grow. Reducing regulatory burden, simplifying program delivery, and providing job creation incentives are all ways that government can support Atlantic SMEs.

    Government and business need to work together to ensure SMEs have the support they need to succeed. 


    Priority 2:  Access to Qualified Workers

    Atlantic Canada’s labour market continues to experience challenges as the workforce needs to grow in both quantity and in skills. If the region does not begin preparing the workforce for the challenges of today and tomorrow, an opportunity to grow and thrive will be missed. For the foreseeable future, policy makers will need to focus on managing growth rather than managing decline.

    Enhancing skills development, meeting immigration targets, and increasing the supply of housing is critical to resolving labour issues in Atlantic Canada. 


    Priority 3: Cost of Doing Business

    Businesses in Atlantic Canada are not immune to the rising costs of doing business. Government has an important role in the reduction of the tax burden and keeping inflation under control. Interest rates have already risen to the point that they’re impacting inflation, but to further get it under control, inflationary deficit spending and large increases in the supply of money will need to end.

    Government should actively aim to reduce the burden on the private sector and lower the cost of doing business.


    These priorities will guide ACC’s advocacy direction and initiatives for the year as the Chamber. They are derived from our annual Atlantic Insights survey, along with our ongoing work with our provincial advisory committees (PACs) and the teams at local Chambers of Commerce. See the full details and recommendations for each priority and the survey results that shaped our advocacy direction.


    2023 Policy Priorities for Growth & Stability

    Atlantic Chamber of Commerce’s policy recommendations for strengthening the economy:


    2023 Policy Priorities for Growth & Stability


    2022-2023 Atlantic Insights Survey Results


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