• Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade

  • A Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary business organization, supported by its member firms to promote the areas economic growth and development. Chambers enables business people to accomplish collectively what they may not be able to do individually—creating a pool of professional and business resources from which they can draw inspiration, new ideas, energy, and finances.

    The modern 21st century Chamber is a growing hub of community development and prosperity. In addition to being the voice of business advocating on the policies and issues that matter to business, the Chamber provides members a host of benefits designed to cultivate their network of business connections, help gain visibility, and to provide the information and resources they need to help them compete in the marketplace. 


    Why Join A Chamber or Board of Trade?

    Because Business That Works Together Succeeds Together in Atlantic Canada

    Your local Chamber provides a powerful voice on behalf of the business community. It's a voice that speaks out on policy issues such as taxes, transportation and education that can affect your business. As a member of your local Chamber you make that voice even stronger to speak on your behalf. Your membership investment to and affiliation with your local Chamber enables it to be a powerful resource for the business community and to the region it serves. 


    Join your local Chamber today and help influence an environment where business succeeds in Atlantic Canada.