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  • Introducing Atlantic Canada’s Exclusive Online Insight Community

    As the largest accredited business organization of influence in Atlantic Canada, the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce has always had its’ finger on the pulse of the region by listening to what matters to business—and now we've wired Atlantic Canadian for insight.


    See the Difference Your Impression Makes.      

    Join today!   https://atlanticimpressions.vision-critical.com       

  • What is Atlantic IMPRESSIONS?

    • It’s an opt-in Insight Community specifically for Atlantic Canadian business.
    • Participants include CEOs, executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners large and small, and professionals in all sectors across Atlantic Canada. 
    • Members engage and provide their impressions on subjects like economic landscape, government policy and regulations, and many other concerns or opportunities facing business in Atlantic Canada.
    • Data gathered through Atlantic IMPRESSIONS is contextualized and shared with government and back to participating Insight Community members. It informs our advocacy efforts and policy process.


    Why belong to the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce’s Insight Community?

    • You’ll be engaged to talk about topics you care about with respect to Atlantic Canadian business and the provincial economies.
    • Information gathered through Atlantic IMPRESSIONS informs our advocacy efforts, policy direction and the feedback we provide directly governments—helping drive better outcomes for business.
    • But, we don't just gather your Impressions, we also share it back with you—so you have a line of sight on the collective perspective in Atlantic Canada—intelligence that can help you make data-driven decisions about your business.
    • Member intelligence can be segmented by sector, region, gender (and more) to give us—and YOU—better insight into various business demographics throughout the region. 


    What do we want your Impression of?

    We’ll engage with you on several areas concerning business, including:

    • Labour Market Issues
    • Finance & Taxation
    • Regulation
    • Business Automation & Innovation
    • Sector Issues & Opportunities
    • Federal & Provincial Elections & Budgets
    • International Trade & Export Readiness



  • The Insight Community - What is Atlantic IMPRESSIONS? The Insight Community - What is Atlantic IMPRESSIONS?

  •     Atlantic IMPRESSIONS - Advocacy in Action Atlantic IMPRESSIONS - Advocacy in Action