• NB365: A Year-Long Showcase Of N.B. Entrepreneurs, Businesses And Organizations

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    What was born out of a sincere desire to support local businesses at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic has evolved into a movement of local support and empowerment.
    Love for Local – New Brunswick has been supporting N.B.-based businesses of all sizes since last March, an idea that originated with the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton, which was looking to mount a widespread community support campaign.
    A year in, with businesses still needing community support, Love for Local co-founder Brad LeBlanc says the group is ready to take the next step in this ongoing campaign.
    “We know that New Brunswickers love supporting local whenever and wherever they can. Our core goal with Love for Local is to be very vocal about all things local right across New Brunswick and serving both official language,” says LeBlanc. “That is why we’ve been hard at work on the next iteration of the campaign. We were tremendously pleased with the results of the first year, but we also knew it was time to evolve in order to amplify the impact.’’
    Enter NB365. In collaboration with award-winning photographer Denis Duquette, the campaign will highlight 365 New Brunswick entrepreneurs, businesses, or organizations. That’s one portrait a day over the course of a year and it represents an investment of $100,000 from Love For Local – New Brunswick.
    Covering all 104 municipalities in the province, the content will highlight the people behind our local economy. LeBlanc says that the provincial nature of the initiative is key.
    ‘’That’s the most important aspect of it. We are covering the entirety of the province,” he says. “We’ve seen so many comments about people discovering services and products through Love for Local. This should bring even more discoveries, recommendations, and support.’’
    Every day, a new portrait will be shared through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Huddle, a media partner with Love for Local.
    Denis Duquette, the campaign photographer, says the province is full of business leaders to spotlight.
    ‘’Being able to showcase and highlight all the local businesses and entrepreneurs is a huge responsibility and one I do not take lightly,” he says. “We have so many incredible people and businesses here in New Brunswick, and I am just absolutely thrilled to be able to shine a light on them.’’
    Beginning in South East New Brunswick, the campaign will visit all regions of the province as the pandemic safety measures allow.
    John Wishart, the Moncton chamber CEO, says the campaign is critical as the province’s businesses navigate the challenges of the pandemic.
    ‘’A focused, year-long Love for Local campaign that touches every corner of New Brunswick will be a crucial piece of the recovery process for our businesses,” he says. “We saw last year the positive impact strategic ‘support for local’ initiatives can have on businesses’ bottom lines and consumer confidence. I can’t wait for this new, broader campaign to launch. I know our business communities need it and I am confident our citizens will support it. Better days are on the horizon. Let’s push local for 2021 as a bridge to get us there.”
    Visit the Love For Local – New Brunswick Facebook page for more information on the campaign and updates as it evolves.

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