• Chamber Accreditation Council of Canada (CACC) 


  • The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (ACC) is Accredited with Distinction for 2018-2020 by the Chamber Accreditation Council of Canada (CCAC). As an Accredited Chamber with Distinction, the ACC is part of a group of elite chambers of commerce in Canada who can verify to the business community locally and nationally our organization is run in a strategic and professional way, and has reached professional standards in Chamber excellence.


  • Why Accreditation Matters

    In the increasingly complex world of industry associations from which business choose to belong, the Chamber network is the only Accredited business association. Our documented Standards of Excellence set Chambers apart and provides assurance to member businesses that their Chamber delivers programs and services based on a certified level of competency and essential standards of excellence.

    Accreditation is a process of objective assessment and certification of competency, standards of operation and credibility within the Chamber network. Accreditation means a chamber of Commerce has volunteered to undergo a challenging, comprehensive evaluation, and it has made a significant extra effort to review and improve the key factors which can affect the quality and performance it provides to members.


    Here is why accreditation matters to business members:

    • Chamber Accreditation is the trusted standard for chambers nationwide ensuring positive practices.

    • Chamber accreditation demonstrates a commitment to competency and delivering credible, reliable, and quality services and programs.

    • The Chamber mark of accreditation signals chamber programming excellence to members and prospective members.

    • Chamber Accreditation symbolizes a commitment to quality and performance, good business practices and reliable service.

    • Accreditation encourages increased business engagement through use of positive business practices.

    • Established Chamber standards promote better member service delivery, engagement and retention.

    • Strengthens business confidence in the Standards of Excellence and the quality of services and programming offered by a certified Chamber.

    • Accreditation raises the bar, providing Chambers with a competitive advantage that sets it apart from other business and industry associations.


  • Business Truth & Reconciliation Business Truth & Reconciliation

    The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce is taking proactive steps to promote reconciliation and respect for Indigenous rights within the corporate sector. In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Call to Action 92, the Chamber urges its members to embrace the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a guiding framework. This entails a commitment to meaningful consultation, fostering respectful relationships, and obtaining the free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous peoples before embarking on economic projects. Moreover, the Chamber advocates for equitable access to employment, training, and educational opportunities for Indigenous communities, ensuring they reap sustainable benefits from economic development initiatives.


    Recognizing the importance of education, the Chamber encourages businesses to provide comprehensive training for management and staff on the history of Indigenous peoples, including the legacy of residential schools, Indigenous rights, and Aboriginal-Crown relations. Emphasizing intercultural competency, conflict resolution, and anti-racism, these efforts aim to foster a more inclusive and harmonious corporate environment rooted in mutual understanding and respect.

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