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    On July 5, 2016, ACC attended a consultation session in Moncton on renewing the foundation for immigration.  The session provided an opportunity for participants to provide input on questions of desired immigration levels and required support, immigration and its relationship to the labour market, modernizing the application/approval system and marketing Canada to skilled workers.

    ACC Participates in National Coalition for CPP Reform

    Prior to the meeting of Ministers of Finance in Vancouver, the ACC added its voice to a call for coordinated and targeted reform of the Canada Pension Plan, recommending support to low-income earners, and assistance to middle income earners with expanded saving options.  A copy of the open letter to ministers is available here

    In response to the announcement of agreement to reform the Canada Pension Plan by imposing across the board increases to premiums and caps, the ACC submitted a letter to the federal and provincial finance ministers, requesting more information on the rationale for this approach, highlighting the disconnect between the solution and the problem of underfunded retirement savings, and emphasizing the cost to the economy of diverting more business profits away from productive investment and job creation. 

    A response from NS Minister Randy Delorey was received on August 3.

    Letter to Hon William Morneau - March 31, 2016

    We are writing to you to provide a response to your March 22 budget from the Atlantic Canadian business community. The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Inc.(ACC) serves as a federation of 100 local chambers of commerce and boards of trade throughout Atlantic Canada, representing more than 16,000 businesses and professional people. We continuously search for opportunities to foster a prosperous, self-reliant and sustainable Atlantic Canada.  Read More

    A response was received from the minister on September 7th