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    Be on alert if you receive an email from someone claiming to be a lawyer or barrister from the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce.

    Cybercriminals are using different versions of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce’s corporate name and logo, and sending fake phishing emails with fake IDs and documents about inheritance claims in an attempt to trick you into sending them money. They also may be using fake websites, SMS texts, or phone calls.

    Do not click on any links, send any personal information, or engage with anyone claiming to be a lawyer or barrister from the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce who contacts you using an email address that is from a free email service (e.g., Gmail, AOL, Yahoo). 

    The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce is NOT a LAW FIRM. We do not provide legal services of any kind.



  • The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce does not provide legal services and does not represent individuals in legal matters of any kind (e.g., inheritance, trusts, estate proceedings), nor do any of our employees. We will never ask for anyone’s personal financial information


    If you have received emails from someone indicating they are a member of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce team, or that they are an Atlantic Chamber of Commerce attorney, lawyer, solicitor or barrister, then you may be a victim of an attempt at fraud.


    To report fraud, contact Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or contact your local police force and or Canada’s national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). 



    The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce does not use free email services such as: Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Hotmail, iCloud Mail, etc. 


    The cyber criminals are using these free email services to create fake email accounts with our name to try and trick you.

    We report all fake emails.

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  • We routinely report suspicious activities, emails, accounts, and websites.

    We ask anyone who has received messages from individuals claiming to be from the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce to do the same.




  • Tips to avoid email phishing scams:

    • Be wary of unexpected emails that contain links or attachments. Do not click on links or open files in unfamiliar emails.
    • Don’t believe what you see. Scammers can fake anything from a company logo to the sent email address.
    • Check the company’s website. Businesses typically post information on their websites.
    • Be cautious of generic emails. Always be wary of messages that seem overly general.



    Help Stop the Spread.

    Protect Yourself and Report Cybercrime. 



  • Watch the Get Cyber Safe video on Phishing and how cybercriminals pose as legitimate organizations to try and lure you into giving them your sensitive data. 


  • Business Truth & Reconciliation Business Truth & Reconciliation

    The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce is taking proactive steps to promote reconciliation and respect for Indigenous rights within the corporate sector. In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Call to Action 92, the Chamber urges its members to embrace the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a guiding framework. This entails a commitment to meaningful consultation, fostering respectful relationships, and obtaining the free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous peoples before embarking on economic projects. Moreover, the Chamber advocates for equitable access to employment, training, and educational opportunities for Indigenous communities, ensuring they reap sustainable benefits from economic development initiatives.


    Recognizing the importance of education, the Chamber encourages businesses to provide comprehensive training for management and staff on the history of Indigenous peoples, including the legacy of residential schools, Indigenous rights, and Aboriginal-Crown relations. Emphasizing intercultural competency, conflict resolution, and anti-racism, these efforts aim to foster a more inclusive and harmonious corporate environment rooted in mutual understanding and respect.

    Learn more click here