• Policy & Advocacy


  • Influencing an Environment Where Business in Atlantic Canada Succeeds


    Positively influencing policy development and advocating on behalf of the needs of business is one of ACC’s primary priorities. Committed to supporting a strong, vibrant and growing Atlantic Canada, ACC maintains its efforts to positively impact meaningful policy development and advocacy that drives growth and prosperity in the region. 

    Representing a broad range of community life in Atlantic Canada, ACC is uniquely equipped to develop policies accurately reflecting the views of community and business leaders in the interest of society and will continue building credibility of the Chamber network in Atlantic Canada by:

    • advancing top priorities for business in the Atlantic region through issues identification, policy position development, and advocacy initiatives;


    • engaging the Board of Directors, Provincial Advisory Committees (PACs), local chambers and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in discussions and soliciting their feedback to inform business policy positions and advocacy and outreach efforts;


    • leveraging the Provincial Advisory Committees (PACs) in each Atlantic province to bring provincial issues to the forefront;


    • building our research capacity to support policy development through longer-term staffing plan investment and collaboration with regional and provincial organizations with similar interests; and‚Äč


    • fostering and growing relationships with members, governments, regional and provincial organizations, media and other key stakeholders to support advocacy.